Halloween Hoodie Campaign

In Oct. 2012, ROPP Media launched the Halloween Hoodie Campaign as a way to confront stereotypes head on. We urged the global community to “take a stand against stereotypes. Wear a hoodie for Halloween.” The Halloween Hoodie Campaign is a social awareness movement created to increase awareness about stereotypes throughout the month of October. Campaign co-founders, Rochelle Oliver and Gaius Benbow, Miami, FL residents at the time, use the case of Trayvon Martin and the idea of black men being the subject of fear, as the backdrop for a controversial 60-second clip that portrays people of different genders, ethnic, socio-economic and educational backgrounds to highlight how prejudices don’t stop at race. The on-camera subjects put on a hoodie while making a simple and bold statement: “I’m a black man. Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid of me now?”

Read what Arelis R. Hernández had to say about the campaign in the Orlando Sentinel.

Take a stand against stereotypes Wear a hoodie in


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The Producer

I produced and directed two commercials that aired online and nationally on Current TV. I produced and booked national guests for Miami Herald’s leading online show, The World Desk with John Yearwood. Through my production company, I developed online public service announcements including the Halloween Hoodie Campaign, which became a viral sensation and gained global attention. I have also worked for ION TV – the largest broadcast company in the world – where I wrote scripts for radio and TV broadcast.

The Journalist

Rochelle Oliver is a Journalist with nearly 10 years of experience in creating captivating cross-platform storytelling. Among her many successes, she has successfully launched four news Web platforms for Tribune, one of the country’s leading multimedia companies.

The Company

Rochelle Oliver Publications and Productions LLC., aims to create entertaining content with journalistic integrity.